Davide Pedranz

Davide Pedranz

Student at University of Trento
Software developer at Fondazione Bruno Kessler


About me... Well, I'm quite a normal boy who loves travelling, meeting new people, trying new things and staying with friends. I like Computer Science, I'm currently student at the University of Trento and Java Developer at Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

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In the following table are the deliverables of this year...

# Deliverable Download
1 Design Link
2 Business Model Link
3 HTML Site Link Zip
4 CSS Kitty Link Zip
5 CSS E-Commerce Link Zip
6 CSS Pin+ Link Zip
7 1st Midterm Simulation Link Zip
8 1st Midterm Link Zip
9 JS Triangle 1 Link Zip
10 JS E-Commerce Link Zip
11 JS Triangle 2 Link Zip
12 JS Diceroll Link Zip
13 JS Hangman Link Zip
14 Jasmine Triangle Link Zip
15 Jasmine Water Link Zip
16 Jasmine Palindrome Link Zip
17 2nd Midterm Simulation 1 2 Zip
18 JS Fruit Link Zip
19 JS Flight Link Zip
20 Jasmine Sets Link Zip
21 Jasmine Word Link Zip
22 2nd Midterm 1 2 Zip